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SANDS, Sensory & Carer's Gardens

Aden is blessed with three secluded gardens each with their own story.

Carers’ Garden

Carers GardenAden Country Park is home to the UK’s first ever garden specifically designed and built for Carers. Everyone in the UK has a three in five chance of becoming an unpaid carer at some point in their life. The carers’ garden in Aden was built not only as a space for relaxation, a place for carers to meet, and to give those who need care a chance to enjoy a garden, but also to help raise awareness of the fact that there are so many unpaid carers in the UK.

In Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire alone there are 55,000 carers. At the centre of the garden this figure is marked with a mosaic made from 55,000 pieces – the first of which was laid by the Princess Royal who officially open the garden in September 2003.

Today the garden is enjoyed by carers and the general public alike. In spring, rhododendrons, cherry trees and peonies bloom. Summer is for bedding plants and geraniums, while in the cooler months, juniper, winter heather, cyclamen, the variegated foliage of weigela and the bark of dogwood ensure there are textures worth touching and colours worth seeing around every corner.

Sensory Garden

Sensory GardenAdjoining the Carers’ Garden in Aden Country Park is the sensory garden. This garden was specifically created to be accessible and enjoyable to visitors, both disabled and non-disabled. The garden provides individual and combined sensory opportunities for the visitor that they may not normally experience.

The sensory garden contains scented and edible plants designed to provide a stimulating journey through the senses, heightening awareness, and bringing positive learning experiences.

The sensory garden is a secluded space where visitors can explore various different p lants, birds and wildlife, along with discovering the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch of the various areas.

SANDS Garden

SANDS GardenA new addition to Aden Country Park currently being created is a special dedicated memorial garden aimed at providing a tranquil place where families who have experienced the death of a baby, can remember their infant in peaceful surroundings.

The Fraserburgh and Peterhead SANDS (Still Birth and Neo-Natal Death Society) group have fundraised and received kind donations to enable the group to build the memorial garden in Aden.

The SANDS garden is situated near to the main car park and will complement the existing Sensory and Carers’ gardens.

The garden will feature flowers and shrubs, seating and will have as its centrepiece a memorial stone sculpted into SANDS symbol – a teardrop with child.

Aden is also the venue in the middle of June each year for a balloon release organised by the Fraserburgh and Peterhead SANDS group where families gather to remember their loved one and release a balloon in their memory.

Further information on SANDS can be found on