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Victorian Arboretum

An important feature within the landscape of Aden Country Park is the stunning Victorian arboretum (botanical garden of trees) dating from the 1850’s when plant collecting was at its height. The Victorian arboretum stretches from the area known as the Lower Garden, within a loop of the River Ugie. Click here to view the Park Map

The Victorian arboretum has recently undergone a huge transformation. Starting in 2008 unwanted species have been removed, clearing the way for re-establishing some of the original collection of trees from the 19th century retaining the ‘heritage’ of the former Aden Estate. New planting of 21st century species has also been added to enhance, modernise and improve the collection of trees.

New footpaths, seating areas, additional signage, as well as many varieties of trees (labelled for ease of identification) have been installed and it is hoped will boost tourism and aid scientific research.

Furthermore access to the Victorian Arboretum has also recently been improved with the narrow bridge crossing the River Ugie from the West being replaced with a modern bridge which allows greater access for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

A map of the Victorian Arboretum illustrating the diverse range of trees is available to download either here Victorian Arboretum Map

New Arboretum

Work on phase two of the arboretum regeneration project has already begun on the three-hectare site adjacent to the mansion house.  Conifer trees have been felled; tree roots removed, ground cultivated, and grass seed sown.

In preparation for tree planting, a system of footpaths, picnic and seating areas has also been formed. It is then planned that a collection of broadleaf trees from around the world will then be planted later this year.

Work on the new arboretum is planned to be completed by 2012.