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The heritage of NE Scotland is something we are passionate about. The award-winning Aberdeenshire Farming Museum focuses on the story of NE farming past. The story is then brought to life with the reconstructed 1950’s Buchan farm, Hareshowe. The study and appreciation of traditions and social history continues in the North East Folklore Archive (NEFA). Finally the Book of Deer provides a unique insight into the early church, culture and society of the North East of Scotland

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Aberdeenshire Farming Museum

The award-winning Aberdeenshire Farming Museum at Aden brings alive the story of the NE Scotland farming past in the unmatched setting of the restored estate home farm. This unique semi-circular steading is in turn surrounded by the beautiful woodlands of Aden Country Park that provide an attractive haven for wildlife and visitors.

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Hareshowe Farm

Hareshowe is a typical Buchan small farm of the 1890s set in 30 acres of land. If you look at Hareshowe it looks as if it belongs there – this is not the case. Hareshowe of Ironside originally stood near New Deer. In 1990 it was bought by the local council, dismantled and then brought to Aden piece by piece, where it was rebuilt.

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North East Folklore Archive (NEFA)

The North East Folklore Archive (NEFA) is an award winning cultural resource for the study and appreciation of the traditions and social history predominantly from the farming and fishing communities of North East Aberdeenshire.

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The Book of Deer

The Book of Deer is one of Scotland’s most important manuscripts. The book is of supreme value in the way it provides a unique insight into the early church, culture and society of the North East of Scotland from this period. Not only is it of local importance, but it is equally of national and international significance.

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