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Arc Recording Studio

Situated in the peaceful woodlands of Aden Country Park, located in what used to be the old Aden Estate laundry, resides ARC Recording Studio.

For over 10 years the studio has offered a broad range of services including multi-track digital recording, 5.1 Surround recording and playback, and CD, DVD, mp3 and Real Audio mastering. A combination of the analogue EQ warmth of Soundcraft hardware, the editing and mastering accuracy of Pro Tools, and years of experience by the friendly staff, provides a professional standard of service for the most discerning clients.

The ARC studio is split into two main areas, performance and control rooms. The performance area, although small in size, can accommodate a versatile range of acoustically bright and neutral areas, with a natural ambience ideal for the recording of acoustic instruments and voice.

The control room blends the characteristic warmth of the Soundcraft Ghost 24 LE desk with the pure digital sound reproduction quality and expansive editing facilities of Pro Tools. The studio also features a variety of PC based MIDI and audiowave management tools including Cubase VST, Sample Tank, Symphonic Orchestra, Audio Mulch and Cool Edit Pro.

The ARC Studio staff have years of experience in both audio recording and production. Experience includes recording with major labels including CBS, RCA and orchestral recording for the BBC.

ARC Studio has also provided workshops for film score creation and production along with giving advice and assistance towards compilation CD design, helping musicians gain experience of production, promotion and marketing.

Arc Recording Studio is available for anyone to hire at a rate of £36 (including VAT) per hour and is suitable for all ages/music genres. Booking the studio includes a recording engineer, full use of all facilities and one CD copy of the completed work.

For further information about the technical specifications, projects, workshops, tour of the studio, or simply to have a chat please contact ARC Recording Studio on:

ARC Recording Studio
Aden Country Park,
AB42 5FQ

Tel: 01771 623938
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it